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Laundry – Size Matters!

When it comes to laundry – size matters! The amount of clothing that you can fit, and clean, in a modern residential washing machine is almost unbelievable when compared to their ancestors of 20 years ago. While the overall size of today’s washers and dryers haven’t changed that much, the amount of laundry that you can fit inside has.

On a weekly basis, our delivery teams remove old washers and dryers from customer’s homes that are 2.3 cubic feet and 4.5 cubic feet respectively, and some even smaller. Compare this to the largest laundry team that we have on display, with the washer measuring 6.5 cubic feet matched to a 9.5 cubic foot dryer. The highest capacity modern laundry teams are more than two times larger than their predecessors. Old washers can use upwards of 60 gallons of water per cycle, compared to between 15-20 gallons for a high-efficiency top loading washer, and even less for front-loading washers.

Samsung’s Big Boy washer and dryer are HUGE – you can wash 2 king duvets in a single load! Just imagine how many towels you can fit in here! Washers, especially front loaders, are notorious for accumulating dirt, soap scum, and hard water residue. While some manufacturers suggest using a cleaning agent to freshen your washer, Samsung has a unique self-clean technology. This helps remove dirt, detergent residue, and odours from the drum and gasket without the use of any harsh chemicals. Sounds great for Muskoka homes on septic!

There are numerous advantages to use large capacity washers and dryers. Most importantly, you can wash more clothing in fewer loads. The benefit – less energy and less water used in your home. The ability to wash oversized items (king duvets, sleeping bags, and towels) means reduced Laundromat expenses. Of all the appliances in your home, the clothes dryer arguably use the most amount of energy. Large capacity dryers can handle more than a single washer load, with a minimal increase in drying time. The result? Less overall drying time and reduced energy bills.

Size is not the only thing that has changed. Modern appliances – washers and dryers included – are run by electronic control boards. Their ancestors, by contrast, were controlled by switches and timers. While there are huge efficiencies in energy consumption, there are more moving parts and electronic components than before. What’s more, is the price hasn’t changed all that much in 20 years. While it seems like prices don’t stop increases, appliance pricing has fallen. CBC’s Marketplace recently produced an episode on major household appliances; we recommend you check it out here.

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