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Testimonial: Serta iComfort

As the owners of the two Leon’s franchises in Bracebridge and Huntsville, our suppliers are always anxious to have us use their product in our home. They often provide great incentives at a low cost to us with the belief that if it’s in our home, we will promote the supplier’s line in our stores. We are not so easily swayed.

Over the years, we have had many beds. There were times when we would switch out mattresses and their corresponding box springs, twice in a year. We were usually content with the new demonstrator, or at least we thought we were, until our stores started carrying the Serta iComfort brand.

I can remember testing the iComfort models in our Bracebridge store. They were the newest “thing” in bedding, what with cool action dual effects infused gel memory foam, EverFeel technology, Thermo-cool yarn and an adjustable base. Our testing continued on and off, for a few weeks, before we decided to try an iComfort for ourselves.

Even though there was no special manufacturer’s incentive, we placed a split king with two adjustable bases within our existing bed assembly about a year ago. It took five nights to get used to it. The first night, we thought we had made a mistake, the second night, not much better, the third and fourth nights were OK and from the fifth night on – awesome.

I can honestly say, unequivocally, this is the best bed I have ever slept on. Bar none! Never mind the adjustability of the base, the bed in its flat position completely absorbs the pressure points without a sinking feeling or the firmness associated with a lot of foam beds. It is like you are floating on air and, its cooling technology actually works.

The adjustable bases enhance the experience. From reading, watching TV or laying in a zero gravity attitude you can adjust your body’s position to your sleep mood of the night. Nonetheless, as great as the adjustable bases are, they are not necessary to enjoy the best sleep experience imaginable.

If you might be ready for a new bed, take the iComfort for a serious test drive. It is the best bed I have ever slept on and we won’t be changing out of the iComfort any time soon. Discerning buyers focused on quality sleep, will come to the same conclusion.

To learn more about the Serta iComfort, click here.

Andy Brooks and Maureen Brooks
Leon’s Furniture Limited, Bracebridge & Huntsville

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